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Welcome to the 274th edition of Phish.Net's Mystery Jam Monday, right in the middle of May and right in the middle in terms of level of difficulty. The winner will receive an MP3 download code courtesy of our friends at LivePhish.com / Nugs.Net. To win, be the first person to identify the songs and dates of both mystery clips – these clips are connected by a theme, but the theme needn't be part of the correct answer. Each person gets one guess – if no one guesses correctly, I will post a hint on Tuesday, after which each person gets one more guess before I reveal the correct answer on Wednesday around 10 AM PT / 1 PM ET. Good luck!


Answer: On the heels of his deep run into the MMJM Tournament Championship that still left him winless, @ChalkDustTeacher steps out of the shadows of Dan Marino, Barry Bonds, Marcel Dionne, and Karl Malone to take down his first MJM victory – something tells me this won't be his last. After the revealing hint, featuring the cover of Phish's "Two Soundchecks" release with a Jack-o-lantern Photoshopped over some dude's dome, along with some close-but-not-quite guesses from others, he correctly identified the 10/31/94 Soundcheck ("Star Wars") Jam and the 10/29/09 Soundcheck Jam (turn this one up – the levels are horked because it was recorded using a toaster, but the jam is fantastic). Stay tuned next week for a more difficult take on the MJM that will put us halfway between MJM250 and MJM300.

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