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Phish drummer Jon Fishman recently started a two hour weekly radio show on WBFY in Belfast, Maine. The program, now officially called The Errant Path, airs every Wednesday from 9-11pm Eastern Time. You can tune in from the radio station's website, or from places like TuneIn Radio. The usual format is Fishman talking about music and playing some hand selected musical gems, however his show on May 3rd, 2017 was a special episode.

On May 1st, Fishman was onstage playing at Bruce Hampton's 70th Birthday celebration when Bruce collapsed during the Lovelight encore and died a short time later. Bruce was a dear friend and significant influence on Fishman, who penned a touching tribute on the Phish site May 3rd. Later that evening, he dedicated his entire radio show to Bruce, and spent an extended 2 1/2 hours telling stories about Col. Bruce and playing music from his 40+ year musical career.

The fine folks over at WBFY have now uploaded the show to their archives page so if you missed it, you can download or stream the entire show. It is broken into three parts, and can be found here or by clicking the image below. Many thanks to Vic at WBFY for putting up the show for us all to enjoy. WBFY is community supported radio, so if you like what they are doing they will happily accept your support.

WBFY Belfast Community Radio

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