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Welcome to the 278th edition of Phish.Net's Mystery Jam Monday, the second and second-easiest of June. The winner will receive an MP3 download code courtesy of our friends at LivePhish.com / Nugs.Net. To win, be the first person to identify the songs and dates of both mystery clips – these clips are connected by a theme, but the theme needn't be part of the correct answer. Each person gets one guess – if no one guesses correctly, I will post a hint on Tuesday, after which each person gets one more guess before I reveal the correct answer on Wednesday around 10 AM PT / 1 PM ET. Good luck!

Note: The technical difficulties have subsided – setlist and jam charts and everything else should be as your disposal. Good luck!

Answer: Congrats to longtime MJMer @andrewrose on his fifth MJM win, correctly identifying the 5/24/88 Sloth (@tmwsiy's first show!) and the 12/5/97 Slave (the only Type II version to date). With a handful of wins, our friend from the Great White North needs only two more to join Mt. Jamsmore (if only Trey would too, amirite?). This week's MJM, like 9/2/11, was brought to you by the letter S, straight from the mind of MJM Emeritus @runlikecarini, who heard the Whipping Post-ish vibe (a song they'd played for damn near a half hour in the previous three-song second set) in the Sloth intro and thought it a tricky but fitting homage to Greg Allman. What's going down next week? Tune in Monday for MJM279 to find out.

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