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The Mockingbird Foundation and Education Through Music invite you to participate in a campaign to highlight the importance of great music teachers and quality music education.

Education Through Music was one of the charities supported during the Baker's Dozen run, receiving one of Mockingbird's unsolicited "miracle" Tour Grants of $1,500. ETM partners with NYC schools to bring music education classes to every student. ETM focuses on some of the poorest communities, and works with schools that previously were not providing any kind of arts curriculum to students.

Participating in the campaign is simple:. Visit the ETM campaign website at ETMonline.org/SupportMusicEd, where you can print a sign graphic and snap a selfie with it to post on Facebook, Instagram, and/or Twitter. You can also make a 30-60 second video talking about how a music teacher made a difference in your life, or simply post a story or statement of support. When you post, please be sure to use the hashtag #SupportMusicEd, tag ETM (@etmonline, all platforms), and link to the campaign webpage.

The Mockingbird Foundation and Phish.net are proud to join ETM in raising awareness and recognition of the impact of music teachers and to #SupportMusicEd.

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