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Phish.net is a project of The Mockingbird Foundation and is run by volunteers. If no one volunteers to write a recap, it is not written. No one volunteered to recap last night's show. We encourage you to visit Jambase and read Andy Kahn's recap. My two cents? A fine start to the run, with some tasty improv in "Tube" and "BOTT" in the first, and substantial, exploratory, at-times-magical improvisation in the ~40 minute "NMINML">"Twist" that's worth your time to check out. And everyone wins with the first-ever "Wedge" "Slave" encore (and first "Wedge" encore since 1995), a wonderfully unpredictable conclusion to Phish's 14th show at MSG this year. Stay warm out there, and please support LivePhish, as Phish donates a portion of its profits to Mbird.org. -$0.02

Photo (c) PHISH (Rene Huemer)

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