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[Post is courtesy of dot net user @swittersdc.]

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Well, that was quite a run, huh? On this episode of HF Pod, we break down the incredible 4 nights of Phish at MSG. We also included our live podcast we recorded at American Beauty on 12.29, as part of the PhanArt show.

From the "AC/DC Bag" on 12.28 through the "Loving Cup" encore on 12.31, this was a fantastic run of music. Every night gave us some new jams to digest, discuss and reflect on. Lots of relistening happening this week. We are lucky to be part of this current era of Phish. Let us know what you thought of the shows!

We appreciate you listening, and you can review and subscribe to the Helping Friendly Podcast on iTunes, or listen through the player below. The HF Pod team is me, mdphunk, rowjimmy and brad10s. Thanks for your support!

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