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The latest episode of the Helping Friendly Podcast features music and conversation about September 2000. Check it out!

Back from tour and well-rested, we're wax poetic about a month filled with alternating heaviness and raging guitar jams. We break down the high points and low points of this overlooked month in Phishtory and play four amazing pieces of music.

We explore such topics as: is Hershey 2000 all about the Tube? Is Piper the jam of the year? Why is Trey playing so much guitar? Can you hear the sadness in any of the jams? Or just the darkness?

This episode has chapters, so you should be able to navigate through this episode.

We look forward to fall tour and getting back to Quick Hits and Couch Reports. Sign up for the Osiris newsletter to be kept in the loop. We will see you in Hampton and Vegas! As always, give us a review on Apple Podcasts or your podcasting platform of choice. The HF Pod team is me, mdphunk, rowjimmy and brad10s. Thanks for your support!

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