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Beyond the Pond is a bi-weekly podcast in which Brian Brinkman (@sufferingjuke) and David Goldstein (@daveg924) use the music of Phish as a gateway to introduce the listener to many other bands, the vast majority of which are not jambands. An episode generally begins with a deep dive into a designated portion of Phish improvisation, and then can spin off to any variety of musical themes and other acts, the overarching purpose being introducing the listener to as many new and different bands as possible.

This week on Beyond the Pond, we welcome our good friend Jake Cohen; a musicologist by training and a hardcore Phan who many of you may already know on the Twitters as @smoothatonalsnd. When Jake said he wanted to specifically showcase the majestic version of AC/DC Bag from 9.14.99 in Boise, Idaho, our first response was ‘yeah, that’s a fantastic jam, but maybe the most obvious one we’ve picked since the 7/10/99 Chalkdust - what else ya got?’ But he pitched it to us in a fashion that completely changed the way we listened to it, and we think his commentary and insight will have the same effect on your ears as well.

We feel confident in stating that the majority of music podcasts don’t feature Gustav Mahler, Robert Smith from The Cure, and early 80’s Italo-Disco tracks in the same episode. But this one certainly does, and it’ll make complete sense when you listen! Trust us. The crickets outside of Jake’s woodsy apartment that made their way onto the audio track seemed to approve.

Jake also talks about his co-host role in the forthcoming Jamsplaining podcast, which is launching fairly soon and should be a must listen when it does.

We appreciate you listening, and are certain that you will learn something new over the course of just over an hour. You can review and subscribe to Beyond the Pond on iTunes, or simply listen through the player below.

You can find us on Twitter at @_beyondthepond

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