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Beyond the Pond is a bi-weekly podcast in which Brian Brinkman (@sufferingjuke) and David Goldstein (@daveg924) use the music of Phish as a gateway to introduce the listener to many other bands, the vast majority of which are not jambands. An episode generally begins with a deep dive into a designated portion of Phish improvisation, and then can spin off to any variety of musical themes and other acts, the overarching purpose being introducing the listener to as many new and different bands as possible.

(This post has since been updated to include Part 2 below Part 1)

We made it to FIFTY EPISODES! How cool is that! So while in a given episode, we would normally showcase plenty of non-jambands in addition to Phish, this time we’re going to give you a break and simply go long and self-indulgent on the Phish From Vermont. We’re each counting down our ten favorite Phish shows that we were able to see in person (i.e., none of us were at 12/31/95, so we aren’t talking about it). We also shout-out the many people, places, and things that aided us in our journey to this point. To keep this episode at a reasonable length, and to keep you hungry for more, we split it into two parts; this week features shows 10-6, and we’ll jump into the top 5 next week. Truly your cup runneth over this Thanksgiving.

We appreciate you listening, and are certain that you will learn something new over the course of just under two hours. You can review and subscribe to Beyond the Pond on iTunes, or simply listen through the player below.

You can find us on Twitter at @_beyondthepond

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