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For the past few episodes, we've spent a lot of time talking about 2018, with good reason. But for the 20th anniversary of this legendary show, we're going back to revisit the wild and wonderful 11.27.98 from Worcester. Check it out.

There's lots of music and discussion on 11.27.98, some arguing, lots of laughing and some factual errors by RJ. We had a good time revisiting this one and are excited to share lots of jams with you.

We discuss the whole show and play a couple highlights from both sets. We debate the merits of this as a Live Phish release given the other gems in Fall '98, and talk about songs that have already passed their peaks and that might not come back (like "Reba").

We're proud to partner with Ben & Jerry’s to help raise awareness of The WaterWheel Foundation. As mentioned in the episode, listeners can receive free shipping on all orders over $50 using the promo code OSIRIS at checkout. Click here to order "It's Ice...Cream" and pick up a t-shirt. Do it today—the holidays are right around the corner.

Hope you enjoy this conversation and music, and we'll see you in a couple weeks. Give us a review on Apple Podcasts!

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