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It's time for the 2018 version of the annual Phish.net Jam of the Year (JOTY) competition! The seeding is done and the bracket is ready; this year, the four regions are named after the members of Kasvot Växt. The Horst region begins this week.

The first four weeks will have eight matchups each (sixteen songs), while subsequent weeks will have four matchups or fewer, with the Jam of the Year decided by April. Voting will take place in the Phish.net forum in dedicated weekly "***Official*** JOTY" threads, like this one for the first round. Just post your favorites for each head-to-head matchup in the thread for that round, and the dedicated JOTY staff will tally everything up. Each round's winners will be announced in the following round's announcement. Voting for the first round closes at 5 pm ET, Monday, February 11th, 2019, but you may vote for a later round even if you missed an earlier round.

You can find the first round match-ups and bracket after the jump.

10/19 “Golden Age” vs. 9/2 “46 Days”
12/29 “Wolfman’s Brother” vs. 10/23 “Mike’s Song”
12/30 “Everything's Right” vs. 12/30 “Tube”
8/4 “Soul Planet” vs. 7/24 “A Song I Heard the Ocean Sing”
7/31 “Everything's Right” vs. 7/31 “Down with Disease”
7/28 “Fuego” vs. 11/1 “Twist”
10/16 “20 Years Later” vs. 8/8 “Everything's Right”
8/4 “Piper” vs. 10/27 “No Men in No Man’s Land”

2018 Jam of the Year

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