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The Mockingbird Foundation and our friends at Osiris present Mystery Jam Monday Part 400! For this momentous occassion - the 400th regular edition of the Mystery Jam Monday series, and the first puzzle of the decade - we've got the puzzles and prizes to match. Let's get down to the nitty gritty:

The Contest
1. be the first (or second, or third) person to email the correct songs and dates of the four mystery jams below to this email address
2. each jam is connected to the next by a theme; you don't need to identify the themes to win, and the themes only connect consecutive jams (not all four)
3. every 72 hours or so, I'll provide another hint until it's been solved - THERE IS NO NEED FOR ANYONE ELSE TO PROVIDE HINTS, PLEASE (that means you, writes one of the answers on the blog bro)
4. EVERYONE, including MJM Hall of Famers, is welcome to participate in this MJM contest

The Prizes
1. first place will have first choice of one of the three prizes; second place will have second choice, and third place will win the remaining prize
2. the three prize options are:
a. one brand new copy of the limited edition Billy Breathes vinyl (RSD release 2018), courtesy of your host and the Mockingbird Foundation, autographed by Phish lyricist Tom Marshall (thanks Osiris!)
b. two screen printed posters (both the blue/red and the orange/blue) by Drew Millward for the 2016 New Year's Eve run at Madison Square Garden, courtesy of fellow MJM Hall of Famer, @wforwumbo, and the Mockingbird Foundation
c. one Osiris limited edition poster autographed by its cofounders, Tom Marshall and RJ Bee, courtesy of our friends at Osiris
3. all three winners will receive a LivePhish MP3 download code as well, courtesy of our friends at Nugs.net / LivePhish.com

The Ask
We couldn't and wouldn't offer such sweet prizes to our readers if it weren't for our love for the Mockingbird Foundation and the support of our friends at Osiris on the sweet prize package. We at phish.net want to keep doing cool giveaways and we won't ever fill this site with ads - how many other sites do that? If you enjoy the mystery jams week in and week out, all we ask in return is that you consider donating to the Mockingbird Foundation to support children's music education. Once you've done that for the kids, do yourself a favor and check out one of the Osiris podcasts if you haven't yet. (I really dug and learned a ton from listening to the recent After Midnight series about Big Cypress, hosted by Jesse Jarnow, and I'm excited to check out the new Freak Flag Flying series from Steve Silberman with David Crosby, as well as the new Dick's Picks series, 36 from the Vault.) Thanks again to our pals at Osiris!

The Clips

Get to it! We'll keep this MJM up until we have our three winners - the field is wide open.

Notes and hints
1. The song in which one of the jams is played is a little dubious - it's one of those instances where LivePhish calls it one song, Phish.net calls it another, and Phish.in calls it another yet. While all three answers for which song it is will be accepted (assuming you've got the correct show of course), for the sake of the thematic link to the previous clip, I am considering the Phish.in song label to be the correct one.
2. Of the four clips, at least one comes from 1.0, at least one comes from 2.0, and at least one comes from 3.0 - all four were played between 1995 and 2015.

We have a winner! Huge congratulations to @ghostboogie, who was the first contestant to track down all four MJM400 tracks: 12/28/97 "Axilla," 11/1/14 "Lengthwise," 4/15/04 "Down with Disease," and 11/19/98 "Rock and Roll." Amazingly, @ghostboogie identified all the clips correctly while not realizing there was no theme connecting all four clips - instead, each clip was connected to the next by a (different) theme: "Axilla" and "Lengthwise" both debuted on 11/19/92, 11/1/14 and 4/15/04 were both played in Las Vegas, and the 4/15/04 "Down with Disease" and 11/19/98 "Rock and Roll" both followed early second-set renditions of "Also Sprach Zarathustra" (aka "2001"). And if you want to get really fancy, the fourth clip connects back around to the first (tenuously) by the fact that they're the only two shows featuring "Cities" > "The Curtain" > "Sample in a Jar" segments, played early in the first set of both shows. With his latest big win, @ghostboogie ties @RabeldyNugs and @pauly for the most MJM wins all time (10), and now sits atop the leaderboard for most clips identified in MJMs (25). His MJM400 win will undoubtedly sit in his trophy case alongside his MJM: Championship Edition win and MJM250 win, and cements his legacy as one of, if not the most succesful MJMer of all time.

Congrats also to our second and third place finishers, @12_29_97_4eva and @bl002e, who both turned in correct responses within 24 hours of @ghostboogie - these two contestants are Hall of Famers in their own right, and will take home their much-deserved pieces of the prize pool too. Thanks for playing along with us each week, and here's to another 400 mystery jams over the next decade! I hope to have MJM401, a single-clipper, ready to drop on Monday the 27th.

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