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Welcome to the 434th edition of Phish.Net's Mystery Jam Monday, the second of September - thanks to @justino and @bl002e for suggesting these clips! The winner will receive an MP3 download code courtesy of our friends at LivePhish.com / Nugs.Net. To win, be the first person to identify the song and date of both mystery clips, which are connected by a theme. Each person gets one guess to start – if no one answers correctly in the first 24 hours, I'll post a hint. After the hint, everyone gets one more guess before Wednesday at 10 AM PT / 1 PM ET. Good luck!

Answer: Congrats to @Cactus_Mike on his sixth win, also his third of the last four and fourth of the last six, leaving him just one short of retirement. This week, it took him less than a half hour to smoke the MJM featuring the same song twice: 10/19/10 "Light Up Or Leave Me Alone" and 12/30/99 "Light Up Or Leave Me Alone." Will he walk us off next week? Find out soon on MJM435...

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