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Wonderbound, a contemporary ballet company located in Denver, Colorado, has choreographed and filmed a music video for Phish's "Julius" from Hoist.

From the link above:

Sometime in February 1995 I was asked, by way of a mix C.D. to go to a dance called the Big Band Boogie Ball. On that C.D. were two songs I had never heard of that were played on repeat until every note was singed into my ears and burned on my brain. I immediately drove to the local Record store to scoop up any additional albums and the 411 on this band called Phish. Fast forward 25 years, one husband, thousands of recordings and between the two of us 60 some live shows, it’s safe to say I love this band. There is nothing quite like the high vibe, energetic, feel good hit of dopamine that live art brings. Anything can happen in live performance and I for one crave the paradox of feeling certain about the magical unpredictability of live art. As Wonderbound continues to take great strides to return to this same performance experience, I am delighted to share Julius, a music video, starring William Clayton and featuring the Wonderbound company artists, with music by Phish. Filmed August 20-26, 2020 at Wonderbound, I hope we manage to make you smile.

—Sarah Tallman

Check the music video out here:

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