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British comedians Alex Horne and Greg Davies host a panel show on BBC called Taskmaster, of five comedians challenged to creatively accomplish a series of tasks, such as camouflaging themselves, long-distance painting, and destroying a cake. Alex creates the tasks, the panel members compete doing them, and Greg (the Taskmaster) ranks them, esp. when time or distance isn’t the criterion. (The U.S. version kinda sucks, btw.)

They’re now doing a #hometasking series, giving viewers 30 hours to submit a 20-second video completing a task, such as create an epic sporting moment in your kitchen, do something extraordinary with a pair of trousers, and make the best dancing elephant. Worldwide, they’re giving kids something to do, families a way to come together, and even young (and not so young) adults a goofy way to get off Zoom and entertain each other from afar. (We're big fans at Chateau Lemuria: 1, 2, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9.)

So… obviously (duh)… We’re doing a phish.net edition of #hometasking! (We’re not the first to piggyback, btw - and Alex did an earlier Advent series.) We’ll announce a Phish-related #hometasking challenge in a new forum thread each Friday afternoon. You’ll have 72 hours to submit it to the thread, and we’ll announce the “best” by Tuesday evening, prior to Dinner & a Movie. Task #1 is already up:

We’ll identify a top tier of submissions by likes on posts, so please weigh in on your faves. (Like Alex, I don’t like to judge). Those will get ranked by a .net luminary serving as the Taskmaster for that task - this week, David “ZZYZX”/”The Timer” Steinberg, the man behind PhishStats. Top winner each week will be mailed a copy of Sharin' in the Groove and two Mockingbird stickers; top overall winner at the end of the run wins a limited-edition TPC3 Jersey featuring art by AJ Masthay. We’ll track the progress over coming weeks on a leaderboard - and, oi, do we have a list of tasks! No tour? No problem! We’ve got couches, we’ve got kids, and we’ve got Phish.net!

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