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Trey Anastasio, Saturday, 02/10/2018 Sanders Theatre, Harvard University, Cambridge, MA

Set 1: More[1], 46 Days[1], Brian and Robert[1], Anything But Me[1], Waste[1], Wolfman's Brother[1], Blaze On[1], Miss You[1], The Line[1], Till We Meet Again[1], Free[1], Sample in a Jar[1], Maze[1], Twist[1] > Wading in the Velvet Sea[1], The Lizards[1], My Friend, My Friend[1], Chalk Dust Torture[1]

Encore: Tube[1], Backwards Down the Number Line[1], Wilson[1]

[1] Trey solo acoustic.

Notes: This entire show was performed by Trey solo acoustic. Trey teased Streets of Cairo in Maze.

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