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Trey Anastasio, Wednesday, 12/05/2018 The Granada Theatre, Santa Barbara, CA

Set 1: Cavern[1], Sleep[1], Farmhouse[1], Water in the Sky[1], Shade[1], The Inlaw Josie Wales[1], Miss You[1], Back on the Train[1], We Are Come to Outlive Our Brains[2], Steam[1], Light[1], Joy[1], Dog Faced Boy[1], Guelah Papyrus[1], Sample in a Jar[1], Backwards Down the Number Line[1], Till We Meet Again[1], Shine[1], Ghost[1], My Friend, My Friend[1], Chalk Dust Torture[1] -> Harry Hood[3] > Chalk Dust Torture[1]

Encore: Turtle in the Clouds[1], The Lizards[1]

[1] Trey solo acoustic.
[2] Trey solo acoustic; first acoustic performance by Trey.
[3] Trey solo acoustic; started mid-song and unfinished.

Notes: This entire show was performed by Trey solo acoustic and featured the first Trey acoustic performance of We Are Come To Outlive Our Brains. Hood was started mid-song and unfinished.

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