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Trey Anastasio, Friday, 11/06/2020 Beacon Theatre, New York, NY

Set 1: Ghosts of the Forest Drift While You're Sleeping Friend[1] Sightless Escape Halfway Home If Again In Long Lines[1] There's a Path Above[1] About to Run The Green Truth Beneath a Sea of Stars Parts 1 & 2[1] Mint Siren Dream[1] Stumble Into Flight Ruby Waves Shadows Thrown By Fire[1] Wider A Life Beyond The Dream[1] In This Bubble Beneath a Sea of Stars Part 3 (blue)

Encore: Brief Time[1] Pieces in the Machine

[1] With The Rescue Squad Strings.


This performance was part of The Beacon Jams series and featured the Ghosts of the Forest setlist from the band's 2019 tour played in its entirety. Friend, In Long Lines, There's a Path Above, Beneath a Sea of Stars Parts 1 & 2, Mint Siren Dream, Shadows Thrown By Fire, A Life Beyond The Dream, and Brief Time featured The Rescue Squad Strings (Katie Kresek, Maxim Moston, Phil Payton, and Mary Jo Stilp on violin, Monica Davis and Rachel Golub on viola, and Eleanor Norton and Anja Wood on cello). Trey teased No Men In No Man's Land in Sightless Escape. Pigtail was quoted before Stumble Into Flight.

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