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Bold As Love

Bold As Love has not been seen in 14 Phish shows.
It was last played: 2017-08-04.
It was played at 4.56% of live shows.
It has been performed live 81 time(s).

Music/Lyrics: Jimi Hendrix

Original Artist: Jimi Hendrix Experience

Original Album: Axis: Bold As Love (1967)

Vocals: Page

Debut: 1988-07-07

Historian: Mockingbird Staff

Jimi Hendrix is revered by all fans of rock-and-roll, and is seen by some as the most talented musician to ever take hold of an electric guitar. Trey has noted his affinity for Jimi on many occasions, going so far as to pay tribute to him almost every time Phish has played on his birthday, November 27. On 11/27/92, Trey referred to Jimi as the greatest electric guitarist ever. And to close that show, Phish played its version of Hendrix’s classic “Bold As Love,” one of four Hendrix covers that Phish has played over the years (see “Voodoo Chile,” “Fire” and “Izabella”).

Watch Bold As Love on YouTube Phish, "Bold As Love" – 2/18/97, Paris, France

Phish has always chosen to play “Bold as Love” as a straight cover, without altering the song’s feel from the original. The song’s raw energy, especially in the swirling closing jam segment, makes it a fantastic choice as a set-closer or encore – since 1992, it has only been played elsewhere in a show a handful of times. References to various colors in the lyrics give Chris Kuroda a great opportunity to augment live performances with a wonderful visual spectacle, especially when the band reaches the “rainbow” line.

Despite being one of Phish’s oldest and truest covers, the band seems to reserve the song from heavy rotation to avoid spoiling it. After two years of regular play from July 1988 to April 1990, followed by two years on the shelf until its reappearance in November 1992, “Bold as Love” was only played a few times each year before disappearing entirely in 2003 and 2004. However, the song returned to semi-regular rotation in 2009 including performances on 6/9/09 Asheville, 5/27/11 Bethel Woods, 8/4/13 San Francisco and 8/30/14 Dick’s.

Watch Bold As Love on YouTube "Bold As Love" 6/9/09 Asheville, NC

Albums: Hampton Comes Alive, Live Phish 01, Live Phish 09, Hampton/Winston-Salem '97


© Experience Hedrix LLC (ASCAP)

Anger he smiles tow'ring shiny metallic purple armour.
Queen jealousy, envy waits behind him.
Her fiery green gown sneers at the grassy ground.
Blue are the life giving waters taking for granted,
They quietly understand.

Once happy turquoise armies lay opposite ready,
But wonder why the fight is on.
But they're all, bold as love.
Yeah, they're all bold as love.
Yeah, they're all bold as love.
Just ask the Axis.

My red is so confident he flashes trophies of war
And ribbons of euphoria.
Orange is young, full of daring but very unsteady for the first go 'round.
My yellow in this case is no so mellow.
In fact I'm trying to say it's frightened like me.
And all of these emotions of mine keep holding me
From giving my life to a rainbow like you.
But I'm a yeah, I'm bold as love,
Yeah yeah.

Well, I'm bold, bold as love.
Hear me talkin', girl.
I'm bold as love.
Just ask the Axis.
He knows everything. Yeah, yeah.

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