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Come As Melody

Come As Melody has not been seen in 1776 Phish shows.
It has not yet been performed live.
It was played at 0% of live shows.

Original Artist: Trey Anastasio

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Albums: Shine


© Seven Below, Inc. (BMI)

This time, when melody
Calls me up to say hello
These kinds of fantasies,
Long enough that layed below
Come as melody
Come as energy
Come as memories
Come at all…

In time the memories
Fall away and stay below
In shadow energy
Long enough today to go
And try to see
What’s wrong with me
Or never know

Come as melody
Come as energy
Come as fantasy
Come at all…

And now will lead
To all you prayed for
Why, to say what’s come
What’s made to last…
To cry for, live,
You’ll see what’s one
To be, what’s done
What will be last
To see and why…
To make one one
Come as melody…
Come as melody…

One one will be love now
I’m free
Unheard from…
Love, will beg
Will see…
Will cry for will
Will try to be
To all of one
Thru all to love…

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