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Jägermeister Song

Jägermeister Song has not been seen in 1473 Phish shows.
It was last played: 1990-05-06.
It was played at 0.11% of live shows.
It has been performed live 2 time(s).

Music/Lyrics: Phish

Debut: 1990-04-18

Historian: Phil Nazzaro

Just like the Jägermeister factory in Wolfenbüttel, Germany, with its bright orange on green trim and gingerbread castle-come-‘70s hotel look, this song is very goofy. The first version of “Jägermeister” from Denver rolls out of a bit of banter that finds Phish being as silly as any Fishman cover song interpretation. After “Lawn Boy,” Fishman starts the high-hat intro to “David Bowie.” But the rest of the band isn’t ready to be serious. Trey begins “Lawn Boy” again, and Page sings “Throughout the night...” as if drunk. Then the band begins, as if planned (it was), to build up Chris Kuroda’s stage lights skills to the audience. Comments like “sexy light show” are followed by a “light solo.” Trey finally admits they are trying to get Chris a date from any willing female in attendance. Funny stuff.

Fishman starts the song off with a drumbeat and Trey falls right into, chanting in his best ‘drunk and rowdy’ voice: “Gimme some Jägermeister... Gimme some Jägermeister...” One by one the rest join in on the chant, adding some more layers to the music, and sometimes adding “All night long” to the vocals. After a couple minutes of this hilarity, the song falls apart due to someone singing while pinching their nose. No doubt the impending end to the song is because the rest of the band and audience are now laughing too hard to continue.

There you have it. “Jägermeister” in all its gut-busting glory. A great song to do shots to. Too bad Phish only played it twice (see also: 5/6/90). But then again, they don’t play bars anymore, either. 

Recommended Versions: 1990-04-18, 1990-05-06

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