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Rocket in My Pocket

Rocket in My Pocket has not been seen in 319 Phish shows.
It was last played: 2011-06-04.
It was played at 0.11% of live shows.
It has been performed live 2 time(s).

Music/Lyrics: Lowell George

Original Artist: Little Feat

Original Album: Time Loves a Hero (1977)

Vocals: Page (lead), Trey, Mike (backing)

Debut: 2010-10-31

Historian: Martin Acaster (Doctor_Smarty)

The pocket rocket – whether it be vibrator, sports car, flask of whiskey, or herbal aphrodisiac – is intended for one thing: elevating the arousal state of the lady in your life and thereby increasing the likelihood of her making contact with the one that is common to the trousers of all men. In short, if the music is hot, but your baby is not, you better have something in your pocket, if you want to get a finger in her socket. This courting process is not rocket science. The Lowell George lyrics to Little Feat’s “Rocket in My Pocket” are even less complex.

Watch Rocket in My Pocket on YouTube Little Feat, ”Rocket In My Pocket” – 1977, London, England

Little Feat originally released “Rocket in My Pocket” on their 1977 album Time Loves a Hero. Though it bears a slight lyrical and thematic resemblance to the Jimmie (Lloyd) Logsdon song “I Got a Rocket in My Pocket” released 19 years earlier; the funk slide Little Feat tune is dissimilar musically from Logsdon’s country hit or Johnny Devlin’s rockabilly remake of the original released later the same year.

Phish performed “Rocket in My Pocket” during their Waiting for Columbus Halloween Costume set at Atlantic City’s Boardwalk Hall. Page sang lead vocals with support from Trey and Mike. The song stayed pretty true to the WfC version and was one of many that featured Giovanni Hidalgo on percussion, and the Antibalas horn section that includes Aaron Johnson, Stuart BogieIan HendricksonMichael Leonhart, and Eric Biondo to replace the Tower of Power

If there was a weak spot in the Phish performance it was the faux-slide guitar Trey whipped out for this aural interlude. Proving once again, no matter how skilled you are with a reasonable electrified facsimile, it just isn’t as arousing as the real thing. 

Watch Rocket in My Pocket on YouTube Phish, ”Rocket In My Pocket” – 10/31/10, Atlantic City, NJ


© Naked Snake Music (ASCAP)

My baby called me up
She said, "Why don't you ever take me out?
Pick me up in your brand new car
You shake the short change from your old fruit jar"

I put on my dancin' shoes
We headed straight for the rhythm and blues
The music was hot, but my baby was not

I've got a rocket in my pocket, I said rocket
Ya fingers in the socket
Fingers in the socket, fingers in the socket

No way for you to stop it
That rocket c'mon, you get off it oh
Rocket, said rocket, said rocket, said rocket, said rocket, said rocket

Don't understand that girl, I can't explain
She got one foot on the platform, the other on the train
I got a rocket in my pocket, yeah I said rocket
Finger in the socket

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