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Spin has not been seen in 1776 Phish shows.
It has not yet been performed live.
It was played at 0% of live shows.

Music/Lyrics: Anastasio, Brendan O'Brien

Original Artist: Trey Anastasio

Original Album: Shine (2005)

Vocals: Trey (lead)

Historian: lumpblockclod

Many Trey-penned songs have almost perfectly descriptive titles. Songs like “Maze,” “The Chase,” “Bliss” and “Run Like An Antelope” are virtual aural descriptions of themselves. Add “Spin” to that list. 

“Spin” was among the first batches of songs Trey wrote after the 2004 Phish “breakup” and was ultimately included on his first post-Phish release, Shine. Co-written with Shine producer Brendan O’Brien, “Spin” tells the story of a life spinning out of control, but evidently still clinging to the rails. In retrospect it’s hard not to view “Spin” as reflecting Trey’s then state of mind: awareness of being “stuck in the spin” but nevertheless “enjoying the view.” Of course, we all know how that story turned out.

The studio version of “Spin” – like most of Shine – suffers from overproduction, but does contain an interesting organ-led outro jam. “Spin” made its first live appearance with 70 Volt Parade incarnation of TAB on 8/4/05. Early versions largely mirror the studio version, though without the organ solo in the outro jam. By fall 2005 the song developed a jam segment that picks up pretty much where the studio version leaves off (see, for example, 11/11/05). 

After being played at six of the first nine shows of the G.R.A.B. tour (check out the 7/9/06 Bethel version), “Spin” was inexplicably ignored for the latter half of that tour. That brief period on the shelf proved beneficial, though, as the song really took off during the vastly underrated fall 2006 TAB tour. Strong versions can be found on 10/19/06 Chicago, 10/23/06 Boulder and 11/4/06 Ithaca, with the Ithaca version clocking in at over 28-minutes and kicking off a segue-filled second set. “Spin” remains a part of the TAB repertoire to his day, albeit a less frequent one. Recent versions that shouldn’t be missed include the acoustic rendition from 2/18/11 which is essentially a Trey/Ray duet with Jen and Natalie providing backing vocals and the intense electric version from 1/24/13. Unfortunately, from a jamming perspective anyway, recent TAB versions have yet to reach the heights scaled by their 2005-06 brethren.

Watch Spin on YouTube ”Spin” – 10/31/06, Austin, TX

Albums: Shine


(Anastasio, O’Brien)
© Seven Below, Inc. (BMI)

The days go by and I'm still alive
Lost inside but I will arrive
And I'm starting to fall
Can't escape from it all
It's better to go down easy
When I'm stuck in this spin
Look at the shape that I'm in
It's pulling me down
But I'm enjoying the view

So lift up now if you're all alone
Better start or you'll never know
Time goes by in a flash
If you're staring to crash
It's better to go down easy
In a circular dive
When I finally arrive
It's taking me down
But what else can I do?

Time goes past and it's all the same
(And I've been with you all these nights)
In time when you change the game
(And hold yourself up to the light)
It's past and you're all alone
(But I will be here ’till the end)
And I'll lead you home
(If you can see it through my friend)

Now we're caught in this slide
Seems like one hell of a ride
Taking me down, so easy
When I finally rise
And I open my eyes
Looking around
And I'm enjoying the view

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