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Sunshine of Your Feeling

Sunshine of Your Feeling has not been seen in 13 Phish shows.
It was last played: 2017-08-05.
It was played at 0.06% of live shows.
It has been performed live 1 time(s).

Music: Cream, Boston, Phish

Lyrics: Cream, Boston

Vocals: Phish

Debut: 2017-08-05

Historian: Charlie Dirksen (icculus)

On August 5, 2017, at Madison Square Garden, Phish performed a medley of Cream and Boston songs in an homage to the "Boston Cream" donut of this show, the 12th show of the Baker's Dozen run. 

The medley began with the first verse, and part of the chorus, of Cream's "Sunshine of Your Love." During the first chorus, Phish then broke into the "and I see my Marianne walking away" lyric of Boston's "More Than A Feeling." They then played Boston's "More Than a Feeling" for several measures, including the "When I'm tired and thinking cold" lyric, before briefly playing Cream's "Tales of Brave Ulysses," which included Fishman singing (speaking) the "Tiny purple fishes, run laughing through your fingers..." lyric.

Phish then broke back into Cream's "Sunshine of Your Love," jamming it for several measures, and this then segued into Boston's "Long Time" (the "Foreplay" part of Boston's song, "Foreplay/Long Time," was not performed), which they played for several measures as well. The medley concluded with a mash-up of the lyrics/vocals of "Long Time" and "White Room" (just the phrases "It's been such a long time" and "White Room" repeated), over chords from both "Long Time" and "Sunshine of Your Love." The medley also featured Trey teasing "More Than a Feeling" at the very end.

After Phish performed this medley, Trey said, "Tomorrow's donut will be Kansas-Metallica flavored." And then Fish said, "We've been waiting for that joke for twenty years. Really, seriously." Then Trey said, "This whole thing was just so we could do that. Now, we're outta here." They weren't entirely kidding, either. In a Relix interview in 2007, Page first revealed the idea of a "baker's dozen" of shows in the same venue, and even the Boston-Cream musical joke. As stated in the article: "The band considered doing one tour to just play the seven U.S. states they’d never played. Another idea had them playing a 'baker’s dozen' of shows – 13 nights in Madison Square Garden, say, or, adding another layer of classic Phish humor to it all, the Providence Civic Center, rebranded by corporate interests as the Dunkin Donuts Center. Riffing on that absurdity, the band imagined giving away free donuts and even basing the theme for each show around that night’s variety. For 'Boston Crème,' a setlist might have included covers of songs by Boston and Cream."

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