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Tamara Rubin interviewed Jon Fishman for nearly four hours via Zoom a little over ago, and shared clips of it on January 9th - but still very few have seen it. So, here's what she recently posted to Reddit:

Since almost no-one has watched this since last year (as I understand the connection between Phish and activism is not something that all Phish phans want to engage in) I wanted to share this again. Last winter I had the opportunity to interview my friend Jon Fishman on Christmas Eve. We chatted for about 4 hours but I cut the interview down into three bite-sized 10 minute segments. This is why the background gets so dark in the last segment (the ambient light at Jon's house disappears because I didn't know our interview would go that long and I didn't think to ask him to light himself for the zoom chat!) Thanks for checking this out. Once you click through to this link there are links to all three segments of the interview on YouTube. We talk about parenting, tour, the pandemic, politics and - because I am a childhood Lead poisoning prevention activist we also talk about lead poisoning... but that's really not the bulk of the 30 minutes of published interview - it's kind of fun... we edited it to be fun too (to make sure to show some of the fun from our call).

You can see all three clips on YouTube: Part 1, Part 2, and Part 3.

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