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[We would like to thank Kelly Wilson, Phishnet user Kellynicu, for recapping last night's show. This site relies entirely on volunteers to recap shows. If you are interested in recapping a summer show that you're planning to see for this blog, please email charlie at phish dot net about which show(s) you'd like to recap (first choice, second choice, etc.). -Ed.]

Here we were again, ready for the first night of Phish in paradise at Riviera Maya Moon Palace. It was an interesting start. With stronger than normal winds here in Cancun, the band opted to postpone yesterday's soundcheck. The winds were quite strong again today, leading phans to wonder if tonight’s show would indeed go on as planned. But in typical Phish fashion, the band made sure the show did in fact go on, and it was nothing short of amazing.

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A few of the early songs referenced the weather, such as "Moma Dance" and "Back on the Train." However, being present in the moment and enjoying every song for the meaning that it held was far more important than any set list.

(c) 2023 {|ZZYZX}The energy, the lights flashing from the palm trees, the beautiful happy people dancing on the beach; it was all about that freedom to escape and forget our problems. For me, despite all the amazing jams, including the opening "Harry Hood," which admittedly made me cry, the highlights of the entire show were the beautiful "Roggae" and "Free," which simply felt like an invitation to let go and be present in the moment, if only for the next few days of our lives.

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