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This is a continuation of the “Remember Mix(ed) Tapes? No? What Are ‘Tapes’?” blog post from last year, which you may want to review before reading further. Simply put, in the late 1990s, I liquidated a lot of tapes in my collection for a number of reasons, and because, waaay waaaaay back then, it wasn’t possible to (re)listen to everything online with ease, I saved/preserved certain versions of songs on tapes aka mixtapes to listen to again. I have 22 of such tapes numbered as such, and you can see the first 13 tapes’ track lists in the original post, and the track lists of tapes 14-22 below.

Bottom line? Since I bothered to record (preserve) the versions below on new tapes before liquidating the shows/tapes that they were on, I recommend you listen to them, even though with the benefit of decades of hindsight, they may not necessarily be jamchart-worthy or "must hear." That said, I see my favorite normal-lengthed Stash (5/19/94) is here, as is the Linus and Lucy Hood, and my favorite FEFY (8/17/93). So there’s that. And there are definitely many other “must hear” versions of Phish songs below, like the 6/24/94 Antelope (and some hilarious versions of songs, too, e.g. Fish on Undun, the intro to the 4/27/89 Bowie).

And I’m just now finding out that apparently the 5/11/87 Clod (on Tape 14) doesn’t circulate online (I bothered to save it to tape so it must have been on my tapes of 5/11/87 that I liquidated decades ago, sigh). I will see about getting it digitized. More sighing. ANYWAY, I hope you find the following entertaining if not also useful and inspiring! And if you don’t? You just might, maybe, perhaps, if only a little, suck at Phish. -charlie

(c) 2024 KingMoron420

Tape 14

Side A

Side B

3/18/97 Cars Trucks Buses

12/3/92 …Reba

3/17/89 Mike’s Groove [MISLABELED TAPE. 7/23/88]

12/3/92 Antelope

3/30/89 Undun

4/16/94 Stash

4/24/87 …DEG

12/4/96 Timber Ho

4/24/87 I Will Set You Free

9/27/91 …YEM

3/3/90 My Sweet One

9/27/91 Tweezer Reprise

5/11/87 Clod

Tape 15

Side A

Side B

12/4/96 Mike’s Song

5/27/89 …Bowie [MISLABELED, 4/27/89]

6/24/97 …Reba

11/21/92 Buffalo Bill

9/8/88 Whipping Post

11/27/92 Faht

5/27/89 String Changing Nature [MISLABELED, 4/27/89]

4/30/92 Tweezer

5/27/89 Sloth [MISLABELED, 4/27/89]

4/30/92 YEM vocal jam

5/27/89 Bowie… [MISLABELED, 4/27/89]

12/3/92 Weekapaug

11/19/92 Poor Heart

11/19/92 Fast Enough For You

11/19/92 Llama

Tape 16

Side A

Side B

5/3/93 Tweezer>

11/22/94 Funky Bitch > JAM

5/3/93 Manteca>

10/17/85 Mike’s Song ->

5/3/93 Tweezer

10/17/85 DEG

12/31/93 …YEM…

10/17/85 Revolution

10/22/95 …Tweezer->

10/17/85 Anarchy

10/22/95 Makisupa

10/17/85 Camel Walk

6/10/94 ….Tweezer

Tape 17

Side A

Side B

11/19/92 Lengthwise

4/27/91 Tweezer

11/10/95 …YEM->

11/21/91 …Weekapaug

11/10/95 Crossroads->

2/7/93 YEM

11/10/95 YEM

5/1/93 …Great Gig in the Sky>

10/22/96 Freakapaug

5/1/93 Weekapaug

3/28/93 Pez Song

3/28/93 Love You

Tape 18

Side A

Side B

6/24/94 Antelope

7/23/97 …Ghost

2/21/97 …YEM

12/15/95 David Bowie

2/3/86 DEG

12/15/95 ..It’s Ice>

2/3/86 YEM

12/15/95 Bathtub Gin

2/3/86 Prep School Hippie

Tape 19

Side A

Side B

5/19/94 Stash

4/19/92 Mike’s Song >

5/6/93 Tweezer

4/19/92 Hydrogen >

4/18/92 Harry Hood

4/19/92 Weekapaug

11/19/95 …Tweezer…

9/2/87 The Chase->Lushington->

9/2/87 Possum

8/12/93 …Tweezer

8/9/97 …Weekapaug

Tape 20

Side A

Side B

11/17/97 …Johnny B. Goode->JAM

8/17/93 Fast Enough For You

6/24/88?? ’90 demo? YEM [may be 7/23/88’s YEM]

7/3/97 …Ghost

8/17/93 Fluffhead

12/13/97 …Ghost

7/15/98 …JAM (cuts)

Tape 21

Side A

Side B

5/8/92 Wilson

12/13/97 Ghost [dunno why this is here and also on Tape 20 but whatever]

5/8/92 Stash

[5/8/92??? Reba]

5/8/92 YEM Vocal Jam

11/6/96 …Mike’s Song-> [Second]JAM

11/7/96 Bathtub Gin

Tape 22

Side A

Side B

12/31/97 Mike’s Song>

11/18/95 YEM

12/31/97 Piper

11/20/98 Bathtub Gin->

11/21/98 Tubthumping

11/20/98 Piper

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