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It’s just over a week until Summer Tour starts, and that can only mean one thing… it’s time for Mockingbird’s 4th Annual Good Karma Pledge Drive! Thanks to your collective generosity, we’ve raised over $40,000 the past three years for music education just by hoping for Phish to do cool things.

If you haven’t participated before, the rules are pretty simple. Just go here, pick the thing (or things!) you want to happen and pledge an amount for each occurrence. Enter as many times as you like! The most popular choice in past years has been to donate an amount for each 20-minute jam, but you can select one of the other options or even choose your own adventure. is our only hope

Here is what is on the menu for 2024:

#1 - The 20-minute Barrier

This is our most popular menu item and with good reason: we all love those moments when a jam opens up and Phish sets a new path on a song we've heard countless times before. There’s really no significance to any particular jam exceeding 20 minutes, but it has become something of a thing. For this one, you’ll be pledging an amount for each 20+ minute jam Phish plays on a given tour, as measured by our own @bizarchive.

#2 - Fresh Phish!

Who doesn't like fresh Phish? This is a pretty basic one. When you have the highest quality ingredients, it's best to stick to a simple preparation and let the Phish shine. You pledge an amount for each new original or cover debuted on Summer Tour.

#3 - From the Gamehendge Cellars

Sometimes the most special bottles of wine come from deep in the cellar. So it goes with Phish songs. For this one, your donation will be the amount you pledge multiplied by each bust out of a song not played for at least 100 shows. Anything over 500 shows counts double!

#4 - Mondegreen!

I think there's a Phish festival this summer, but maybe I just misheard. How many Mondegreens might there be at Mondegreen, intentional or otherwise? Your donation will be your pledge multiplied by the actual number of songs with altered lyrics. Hope to see you in Delaware... with a chicken sub in your hand!

#5 - A La Carte

Not thrilled with our set menu? That's ok, you can order a la carte. We have rules, though, so don't go Five Easy Pieces on us. The rules are simple: Song X at Show(s) Y (e.g. "Tweezer" at Alpine or “Hood” at 7/21/24). You can enter your song and show information below. Please limit yourself to songs Phish has previously played (and, ideally, are reasonably likely to play... we are trying to raise some money for music education, after all).

We’ll be keeping track of the progress on all of these throughout the tour, so look forward a slew of posts in the forum and your favorite social media locales shamelessly promoting each of these. We’d love to get as many people as we can in on this before tour starts, but there’s no deadline. We’ll accept pledges through Dicksmas Eve!

The sign up form can be found here.

A few notes:

1. Set the amount you want to pledge. This can be any amount of your choosing.

2. Select the pledge you want to make. If you want to select more than one option, just fill out the form multiple times.

3. If your pledge comes true, we will email you at the end of tour (i.e. after Dick's). No prepayment. This is strictly an honor system.

4. The Mockingbird Foundation is a 501(c)(3) corporation, so your donation is tax deductible to the extent permitted by law.

5. PLEASE share your donation on social media. Help spread the word! After all, it is a fundraiser! #MbirdGoodKarma

6. Thanks again for participating! Your donation really does make a difference!

On behalf of The Mockingbird Foundation, THANK YOU for your support!

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