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Saturday, 05/21/1994 The Moore Theatre, Seattle, WA

Soundcheck: Jam, Nellie Kane, Funky Bitch, Demand

Set 1: Runaway Jim Foam Guelah Papyrus Down with Disease Mound Stash The Squirming Coil Tela Llama

Set 2: Dinner and a Movie Sample in a Jar David Bowie Contact Big Ball Jam Julius Hold Your Head Up Bike Hold Your Head Up Harry Hood Amazing Grace

Encore: Bold As Love


Trey quoted Tin Man in Dinner and A Movie. The Bowie intro contained a Sample tease. Trey teased Smoke on the Water in the Big Ball Jam. Before Harry Hood, Fish and Trey acknowledged the crowd’s varied requests but noted that they couldn’t understand what songs people were yelling for. Fish responded by screaming incoherently, mimicking what the crowd noise sounded like to him on stage. Trey noted that the band had been playing all night and wanted to give the audience a chance to perform. He counted off to the crowd, who responded with assorted clapping and cheering. Fish jokingly remarked “you guys haven’t played that in so long.” Hood contained Across the River (Peter Gabriel) and Odd Couple theme teases.

This show was part of the "1994 Spring Tour."

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