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Friday, 05/27/1994 Warfield Theatre, San Francisco, CA

Set 1: Wilson Runaway Jim Foam Bouncing Around the Room David Bowie If I Could Punch You in the Eye Harry Hood Golgi Apparatus

Set 2: Suzy Greenberg Peaches en Regalia My Friend, My Friend Reba[1] The Lizards Julius Nellie Kane[2] My Mind's Got a Mind of its Own[2] Mike's Song Simple[3] Mike's Song Simple O Mio Babbino Caro[4] Possum[5]

Encore: Fire[5]

[1] No whistling.
[2] Morgan Fichter on fiddle. Acoustic and without microphones.
[3] Debut.
[4] Phish debut; Andrea Baker singing unmiced.
[5] Audience shaking boxes of macaroni and cheese.

Notes: This show marked the debut of Simple and the Phish debut of O Mio Babbino Caro. Suzy and Possum contained Flintstones theme teases. Reba did not have the whistling ending. Nellie Kane and My Mind’s Got a Mind of its Own were performed acoustic with guest fiddler Morgan Fichter. O Mio Babbino Caro, a Puccini aria, featured opera singer Andrea Baker singing unmiced. Before Possum, the band handed out boxes of Flintstones macaroni and cheese for the audience to shake along with Possum and Fire.

This show was part of the "1994 Spring Tour."

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