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Thursday, 11/14/1985 Memorial Auditorium Basement, Burlington, VT

Set 1: Slave to the Traffic Light[1] Hurricane[2] Makisupa Policeman[3] Piggies[2] Makisupa Policeman[3] Drums[4] Alumni Blues[3] Dear Mrs. Reagan[5]

[1] Acoustic. Possible female vocalist accompaniment.
[2] First known Phish version; acoustic.
[3] Acoustic.
[4] Possible guest appearance by Marc Daubert, at least one member of The Joneses, and possibly others.
[5] First known version; acoustic.

Notes: This show was an acoustic benefit that also featured performances by The Joneses and The Visions. Fish played percussion instead of a drumkit. Slave appeared to have a female vocalist accompanying Trey. This show also featured the first known version of Dear Mrs. Reagan and the first known Phish versions of Hurricane and Piggies. Makisupa included additional impromptu verses regarding Mike, Fish and their "new friend, Page." Piggies was dedicated to Harry Mitiguy, then president of the Howard Bank (referred to by Trey as "Howard Mitiguy"). The drum jam out of Makisupa may have included Marc Daubert, at least one member of The Joneses, and possibly others. Phish's archivist, Kevin Shapiro, played the Makisupa > Piggies -> Makisupa portion of this show on From the Archives on 10/30/09 at Festival 8. The date of this show may be 11/19/85.

This show was part of the "1985 Tour."

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