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Saturday, 08/14/2004 Newport State Airport, Coventry, VT

Set 1: Walls of the Cave Runaway Jim Gotta Jibboo You Enjoy Myself Sample in a Jar Axilla Poor Heart Run Like an Antelope[1] Fire

Set 2: AC/DC Bag 46 Days Halley's Comet Ya Mar David Bowie Character Zero

Set 3: Twist The Wedge Stash Free Guyute Drowned Friday

Encore: Harry Hood[2]

[1] Tom Marshall on vocals.
[2] With Trey banter. At the end of Hood, the band stopped playing allowing the audience to sing the "You can feel good, good, good about Hood" refrain.

Notes: This was the first show of the Coventry festival and was simulcast in movie theaters nationwide. During YEM, the band gave away their trampolines. Throughout the duration of the set, groups of fans held the trampolines above their heads, and some fans jumped on the trampolines as well. Tom Marshall sang the lyrics to Antelope. Trey teased Waves in Halley's Comet. Before Bowie, Trey told a story of the summer he spent living in a cabin in the Northeast Kingdom where he remembered writing several songs, including Bowie. Trey explained that Bowie was an attempt to see “how far can you push it in the harmonic and rhythmic language and still have people dancing.” During Hood, Trey (speaking in rhythm) noted that because there were a row of rocks separating the band from the crowd, they were feeling a certain level of disconnect (particularly when Mike plays a "sexy" note). To remedy the situation, Trey and Mike ventured down onto the rocks for the duration of the song. At the end of Hood, the band stopped playing, allowing the audience to sing the “You can feel good, good, good about Hood” refrain.

This show was part of the "2004 Late Summer Tour."

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