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Saturday, 07/13/1991 Berkshire Performing Arts Center, Lenox, MA

Set 1: The Curtain Runaway Jim Foam Llama The Oh Kee Pa Ceremony Suzy Greenberg[1] Alumni Blues[1] Letter to Jimmy Page Alumni Blues[1] The Man Who Stepped Into Yesterday Avenu Malkenu[1] The Man Who Stepped Into Yesterday Split Open and Melt[2] Bouncing Around the Room[1] Frankenstein[1]

Set 2: Chalk Dust Torture Guelah Papyrus Divided Sky[1] Flat Fee[1] Paul and Silas The Lizards[1] Stash[1] Hold Your Head Up If I Only Had a Brain[1] Hold Your Head Up You Enjoy Myself[1]

Encore: The Landlady[1]

[1] Giant Country Horns.
[2] Giant Country Horns; Charlie Chan and Oom Pa Pa signals.

Notes: This show featured The Giant Country Horns on Suzy, Alumni, Avenu, Melt through Frankenstein, Divided Sky, Flat Fee, Lizards, Stash, If I Only Had a Brain, YEM, and Landlady. Melt contained Charlie Chan and Oom Pa Pa signals. During the pause in Letter to Jimmy Page, Trey introduced the Horns. Trey flubbed the slow, middle section of Divided Sky and humorously remarked that it was “the jazz version.” Stash contained a Buried Alive tease from Trey. Brain was preceded by Happy Birthday teases and was dedicated to "Erica;" YEM subsequently included a brief reprise of the tease from Trey as well as a Chameleon tease by the Horns. The YEM vocal jam featured Chain Gang (Otis Redding) quotes from Fish.

This show was part of the "1991 Giant Country Horns Summer Tour."

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