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Saturday, 10/21/1995 Pershing Auditorium, Lincoln, NE

Soundcheck: Dog Log, Life on Mars? (x3), The Old Home Place

Set 1: Tweezer Reprise Chalk Dust Torture Guelah Papyrus Reba[1] Wilson Cars Trucks Buses Kung The Lizards Strange Design Acoustic Army Good Times Bad Times Tweezer Reprise

Set 2: Also Sprach Zarathustra David Bowie Lifeboy Sparkle You Enjoy Myself Purple Rain Hold Your Head Up Harry Hood Suzy Greenberg

Encore: Highway to Hell

[1] No whistling.

Notes: Reba did not have the whistling ending. Perhaps responding to fan predictions of a Michael Jackson cover album on Halloween, the band teased Black or White before GTBT as well as Beat It before and in Hood and in Suzy Greenberg. Suzy also included Stairway to Heaven and Tweezer Reprise teases. The soundcheck's Dog Log contained YEM lyrics (Wash Uffizi and drive me to Firenze). This show is available as an archival release on

This show was part of the "1995 Fall Tour."

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