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Saturday, 12/31/2011 Madison Square Garden, New York, NY

Set 1: AC/DC Bag Wolfman's Brother Scent of a Mule Stealing Time From the Faulty Plan Lawn Boy Gotta Jibboo Farmhouse Pebbles and Marbles Ocelot Fluffhead

Set 2: Party Time Light[1] Golden Age Theme From the Bottom Heavy Things Ghost Sneakin' Sally Through the Alley 46 Days Suzy Greenberg

Set 3: Cavern Steam Auld Lang Syne Down with Disease[2] The Wedge Alaska Wading in the Velvet Sea First Tube

Encore: Slave to the Traffic Light

[1] Page on theremin.
[2] Unfinished.

Notes: Fluffhead contained an Auld Lang Syne tease from Trey. Light featured Page on theremin. Prior to Steam, a steam kettle and hot plate went off on stage, with Trey acting like he was attempting to put out the steam. Shortly after the song began, steam also came from the floor near the soundboard area. An amp (with the steam kettle on it), a keytar, a bass, a vacuum, and a few lights were then lifted off the stage. A woman in the front of the stage tossed a “Steam” sign into the front row, then rose with a barricade and security guard before eventually being lifted up over the band. Several other aerialists (clothed in various casual attire, equipped with black backpacks emitting smoke and lights on their backs) subsequently rose up from the crowd and ascended and descended several times. The first aerialist counted down to midnight, at which point balloons were released from the ceiling. The aerialists later returned with lights in their hands for Down with Disease, which also featured Trey and Mike being raised up and back down a few times before finally rising several feet on hydraulic lifts. Steam contained a Spooky tease from Trey and Disease was unfinished.

This show was part of the "2011 NYE."

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