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Sunday, 07/10/2016 Lakeview Amphitheater, Syracuse, NY

Soundcheck: Funky Bitch

Set 1: The Landlady Blaze On Ha Ha Ha Friends Tube Destiny Unbound My Friend, My Friend[1] The Mango Song Timber Timber (Jerry the Mule) Timber The Ballad of Curtis Loew Stealing Time From the Faulty Plan Mound Winterqueen Bold As Love

Set 2: Drowned Twist Waste Piper Simple Breath and Burning Rocky Top Martian Monster[2] Golgi Apparatus Frankenstein

Encore: Character Zero

[1] No "Myfe" ending.
[2] Trey on Marimba Lumina; Mike on guitar; Page on bass.

Notes: My Friend did not contain the "Myfe" ending. After Winterqueen, Page brought out his keytar, ostensibly to play Frankenstein. He played a brief jam on the keytar (with Trey playing it as well), but apparently had equipment problems and opted for Bold as Love instead. When Frankenstein closed the second set, Page attempted to play the keytar again but had more technical difficulties and had to play the song on his standard keyboard rig. Martian Monster featured Trey on Marimba Lumina, Mike on guitar, and Page on bass.

This show was part of the "2016 Summer Tour."

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