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Wednesday, 10/19/2016 Ascend Amphitheater, Nashville, TN

Soundcheck: Home, Let's Go. I Always Wanted It This Way, Plasma

Set 1: Theme From the Bottom Camel Walk My Soul Petrichor Stealing Time From the Faulty Plan My Sweet One Waking Up Dead Halfway to the Moon Running Out of Time[1] Tube Shine a Light

Set 2: Golden Age Tweezer No Men In No Man's Land Plasma Harry Hood Suzy Greenberg

Encore: Walls of the Cave Tweezer Reprise

[1] Debut.

Notes: This show featured the debut of Running Out of Time. Mike teased the theme from The Godfather prior to Golden Age. Mike and Page teased Plasma in Hood. Trey and Page teased Woman From Tokyo in Suzy Greenberg. The soundcheck's I Always Wanted It This Way included Immigrant Song quotes from Trey and Fish.

This show was part of the "2016 Fall Tour."

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