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Sunday, 07/14/2019 Alpine Valley Music Theatre, East Troy, WI

Soundcheck: My Soul (this soundcheck is possibly incomplete)

Set 1: The Landlady Olivia's Pool The Man Who Stepped Into Yesterday Avenu Malkenu The Man Who Stepped Into Yesterday Meatstick Vultures Spock's Brain Pebbles and Marbles Glide About to Run Strange Design Timber (Jerry the Mule) I Didn't Know[1] Good Times Bad Times

Set 2: Mercury Ruby Waves Twist Swept Away Steep Death Don't Hurt Very Long Icculus Buffalo Bill Icculus Reprise You Enjoy Myself Catapult Contact You Enjoy Myself

Encore: More Tweezer Reprise

[1] During Fish's vacuum solo, Trey did the Meatstick dance and a bit of the Landlady dance.


This show featured several bustouts: The Landlady (first since July 10, 2016, or 122 shows), Olivia's Pool (November 17, 1997, or 692 shows), The Man Who Stepped Into Yesterday and Avenu Malkenu (August 21, 2015, or 147 shows), Strange Design (July 8, 2016, or 124 shows), Icculus (December 31, 2013, or 210 shows), and Catapult (July 27, 2014, or 191 shows). Trey teased Funiculi Funicula in Vultures. During Fish's vacuum solo in I Didn't Know, Trey did the Meatstick dance and a bit of the Landlady dance. Trey teased Dave's Energy Guide in Ruby Waves. Prior to Contact, Trey mentioned meeting a couple in his hotel lobby the day before where the man said he would propose to his girlfriend if Mike sang Contact on Sunday night at Alpine Valley. Trey teased Bridal Chorus in Contact.

This show was part of the "2019 Summer Tour."

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