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Friday, 10/13/2023 United Center, Chicago, IL

Set 1: Carini Rift Halley's Comet Ghost Albuquerque Saw It Again Foam Blaze On Meat Drift While You're Sleeping

Set 2: Sand Waves Tweezer Crosseyed and Painless Light Mountains in the Mist Golgi Apparatus Harry Hood Talk Harry Hood

Encore: Izabella

Notes: The band walked out to audio from Friday the 13th (this was also the postshow music). Trey teased Izabella in Halley's Comet. Albuquerque was performed for the first time since June 11, 2011 (458 shows). Trey and Mike teased A Love Supreme in Light. Talk was last played on November 01, 2009 (536 shows) and was incomplete.

This show was part of the "2023 Fall Tour."

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