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Shockra, Tuesday, 02/15/1994 Club Toast, Burlington, VT

Set 1: Stop the Revolution Lila Do What You Want Question Air Who Do We Think We Are? Freaks on Fire Tezz Underground People

Set 2: Cherokee Donít Let It Stop Ya 7th Revelation Fish Reading[1] Elvin Jones Feel Good Big Chief Fiyo on the Bayou Live Wire

Encore: Ma Bitch

Encore 2: Power of Silence

[1] With Fish.

Notes: Fish read a passage about “Bucky Domes” from Robert Anton Wilson’s Cosmic Trigger between 7th Revelation and Elvin Jones. A bucky dome, also known as geodesic dome, is a sphere created from a series of hexagrams and pentagrams, invented by Buckminster Fuller. At the time, Fish lived in a bucky dome.

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