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Sunday, 06/17/2012 Bader Field, Atlantic City, NJ

Soundcheck: Backwards Down the Number Line, Buffalo Bill

Set 1: Brother Runaway Jim Dogs Stole Things Boogie On Reggae Woman NICU Foam Wilson Timber (Jerry the Mule) Fluffhead[1] Walls of the Cave Character Zero

Set 2: Drowned Also Sprach Zarathustra Reba[2] Roses Are Free Chalk Dust Torture Prince Caspian Silent in the Morning Bug A Day in the Life Down with Disease[3]

Encore: Gotta Jibboo Quinn the Eskimo (The Mighty Quinn)

[1] Contained brief ending similar to Brother.
[2] No whistling.
[3] Ending similar to Brother mixed in with normal DWD ending.

Notes: For the fourth Father's Day in a row, Brother was performed and featured all of the band's children on stage and subsequent introductions (which included a "Charge!" tease from Page). After Timber, Trey sang the ending notes to Brother. Trey then said he had a trivia question for the crowd and asked "how many songs end like this?" and the band sang the ending of Brother again. He answered the question by saying the songs were My Friend, My Friend, Rift, and Brother (all of which had their endings "sung"). Trey added that tonight was special because from now on, Timber would also end with the Brother ending (which was sung again). Trey said Page could also end Lawn Boy that way from now on, prompting a Lawn Boy quote from Page. Mike then teased Ha Ha Ha. Trey went on to say that Metallica would be playing at Bader Field soon after Phish and that he didn't think they ended a single song like the ending of Brother (Trey sang the ending). Trey said if everyone wrote Metallica a note saying "Dear Metallica, please end Master of Puppets like this" (singing the ending one final time), if they got 20,000 notes, they just might do it. Fluffhead and Down With Disease subsequently had endings similar to Brother mixed in with their normal finishes. Reba did not contain the whistling ending.

This show was part of the "2012 Early Summer Tour."

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