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Friday, 05/27/2022 The Wharf Amphitheater, Orange Beach, AL

Soundcheck: Jam, Lonely Trip, The Final Hurrah, Gumbo

Set 1: Twist Halley's Comet Sand The Old Home Place Martian Monster Dogs Stole Things Halfway to the Moon Stash Shade I Never Needed You Like This Before Bathtub Gin

Set 2: Llama[1] Soul Planet Quadrophonic Toppling Soul Planet Ghost Scents and Subtle Sounds Chalk Dust Torture Loving Cup

Encore: Waste Say It To Me S.A.N.T.O.S.

[1] Performed in an alternate arrangement.

Notes: Llama was performed in an alternate arrangement. Quadrophonic Toppling was performed for the first time since December 31, 1999 (606 shows). Mike teased Dueling Banjos in Chalk Dust Torture. During the soundcheck, Mike quoted Got My Mojo Working in the jam and Trey quoted My Shot after The Final Hurrah as well as Another Brick in the Wall Part 2 in Gumbo.

This show was part of the "2022 Spring Tour."

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