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20-20 Vision

20-20 Vision has not been seen in 146 Phish shows.
It was last played: 2019-12-28.
It was played at 0.05% of live shows.
It has been performed live 1 time(s).

Music: Joe Allison

Lyrics: Milton Estes

Original Artist: Gene Autry

Original Album: Single (1954)

Vocals: Mike (lead), Page, Trey (backing)

Debut: 2019-12-28

Historian: Lance Judd (ThinkSnow)


The country bluegrass classic, "20-20 Vision" was first recorded by Gene Autry (aka The Singing Cowboy) in 1957. This ophthalmology-focused lamentation of infidelity made its its Phish debut on 12/28/19 during the MSG New Year’s run.

Watch 20-20 Vision on YouTube Phish “20-20 Vision” 12/28/19, New York, NY. Video by Kembra Allen

The tune examines the irony and disbelief of an eye doctor’s positive “all right” diagnosis in contrast to the despondent and painfully blind eyes of the narrator’s mind and heart when his wicked, cheating lover scorns him for another. Alas we learn, there is no line 6 on a Snellen eye chart for the “eyes of your heart.”

Curious and discerning researchers will find notable online versions by artists ranging from Bob Dylan and Bruce Hornsby to several outstanding takes from Ricky Skaggs & Kentucky Thunder. Should you find that you and/or your seeing-eye dog are having a particularly rough day, please allow us to suggest the beautiful and haunting interpretation by folk singer Kate Wolf.


(Allison, Estes)
© Golden West Melodies, Inc.

I been to the doctor he says I'm all right
I know he's lying, I'm losing my sight
He should have examined the eyes of my mind
20/20 vision and walkin' 'round blind

Since she's gone and left me I feel so alone
I carry a heart that is heavy as stone
I knew that she cheated, I knew all the time
20/20 vision and walkin' 'round blind

With my eyes wide open I lay in my bed
If it wasn't for dying, I wish I was dead
But this is my punishment, death is too kind
20/20 vision and walkin' 'round blind

You just couldn't know her the way that I do
You say that she's wicked and maybe it's true
But one thing I do know, she's no longer mine
20/20 vision and walkin' 'round blind

I've lost her, I've lost her, oh what will I do
I bet you're not happy if she's there with you
The eyes of your heart will have trouble like mine
20/20 vision and walkin' 'round blind
20/20 vision and walkin' 'round blind

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