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Buried Alive

Buried Alive has not been seen in 3 Phish shows.
It was last played: 2024-07-19.
It was played at 8.26% of live shows.
It has been performed live 166 time(s).

Music: Anastasio

Vocals: Instrumental

Debut: 1990-09-13

Historian: Craig DeLucia

"Buried Alive" is an instrumental number played regularly from 1990 through 1994, but only sparingly since then. The frantic pace and squealing guitar sounds conjure the image of a person truly being buried alive and fighting to escape. Trey remarked (perhaps jokingly) on 3/26/92 that the song was inspired by Jimmy Herring, who was in the crowd that night as part of the opening act, Aquarium Rescue Unit.

Watch Buried Alive on YouTube "Buried Alive" – 7/20/91, Parksville, NY

Many fans love the song for its ability to kick-start a set and raise the energy level of a crowd, despite the fact that most versions do not jam and are basically played the same way. An exception, though, was the fifteen-minute “Buried Alive” to open the second set on 7/29/98 in Maryland Heights, MO. Other fun versions include 9/20/90 (sandwiched inside “Tweezer”), 9/27/91 (with “Esther” teases), 12/7/91 (with yuletide teases),2/6/93 (with John Popper on harmonica), 4/4/94 (with The Giant Country Horns), 12/2/94 and 12/3/94 (with The Cosmic Country Horns), 12/28/95 (sandwiched between “Wilson” and “Tweezer”), 2/26/97 (at the start of a crazy second set), 7/15/03 (an abbreviated but extremely speedy version inside the monster “Mr. Completely”) and 6/7/12 (“Buried Alive” opener and “Buried Alive Reprise” to close). If you’re looking to dig deeper (pardon the pun!), seek out the 11/2/90Possum” and the 10/11/95Julius,” both of which contain “Buried Alive” teases.

Watch Buried Alive on YouTube "Buried Alive" > “Runaway Jim” – 6/7/12, Worcester, MA

Recommended Versions: 1990-09-20, 1991-09-27, 1991-12-07, 1993-02-06, 1994-04-04, 1994-12-02, 1994-12-03, 1995-12-28, 1997-02-26, 2003-07-15

Albums: At the Roxy, Live Phish 06, Live Phish 19

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