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Costume Contest

Costume Contest has not been seen in 1091 Phish shows.
It was last played: 1994-10-31.
It was played at 0.15% of live shows.
It has been performed live 3 time(s).

Debut: 1988-10-29

Historian: Mockingbird Staff

In a band full of pranksters, Halloween has always been a big day on the Phish calendar. In 1994, Phish upped the ante by performing a musical costume. In the years before that, however, the highlight of many Halloween shows was the costume contest. And, make no mistake: the band took these contests seriously. As Trey remarked on 10/31/91, everyone who was voted down “has to take a stage dive… even you, Jesus.” Past contest winners include Harry Hood (10/29/88), Bergen County Woman Cop & Captain Bong Hit (10/31/91) and the “Mound” candy bar (10/31/94).

Albums: Live Phish 13

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