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Evolve has not been seen in 1 Phish shows.
It was last played: 2024-07-23.
It was played at 0.75% of live shows.
It has been performed live 15 time(s).

Music: Anastasio

Lyrics: Marshall/Herman

Original Artist: Trey Anastasio

Original Album: Lonely Trip (2020)

Vocals: Trey (lead); Mike, Page (backing)

Debut: 2021-08-04

Historian: Grant Calof (That_Guy)

Amoeba.  Animals.  Algorithms…

Babies.  Black Holes.  Brainwaves…

Caveats.  Currencies.  Careers…

Dreams.  Dinosaurs.  Definitions…

Everything… Evolves.

From lakeshores and lot scenes to Pokemon, populations, stars and scientific theories… Everything.

Initially conceived by Charles Darwin and Alfred Russel Wallace in 1858-59, the theory of evolution by natural selection sent ripples through the hallowed halls of science, forever altering our understanding of biology and biodiversity. Cyclically challenged but widely embraced over time (like myriad successful theories), evolution has seen it all… But it took the rarefied Venn diagram of a pandemic, a home studio and a prolific songwriter with a sense of humor (and a penchant for physics) to set it all to music 1.5 centuries later.

With thought-provoking lyrics equally drenched in cosmology, theoretical science and dry wit, the song’s omniscient narrator effectively and succinctly summarizes the entire history of all existence-- from the inception of the universe to the evolution of sentient life-- in one fell* swoop.  While inherently complex and entirely 4.0, the musicianship feels simultaneously light, whimsical and pensively layered, reminiscent of more ethereal Junta-era compositions.

Written and recorded with Tom Marshall and Scott Herman over a weekend in Annapolis, Maryland in February of 2020, “Evolve" is one of fifteen original tunes from Trey’s album Lonely Trip, released on 07/31/20 during the COVID-19 quarantine. But social-media savvy fans heard the song before the album dropped, when Trey shared the song as part of a series of homemade Instagram videos

Watch Evolve on YouTube Trey Anastasio - “Evolve” - Video by Trey Anastasio

“Evolve” made its Phish debut as the opening song of the first set in Nashville on 08/04/21 and went on to open the second set in San Francisco on 10/17/21.  2022 saw two notable performances: On 02/24/22 atop the sands of Riviera Maya and stateside on 06/05/22 during an early summertime stop at Deer Creek.

Watch Evolve on YouTube Phish - “Evolve” - 6/5/22, Noblesville, IN. Video by shinepigeon.

A versatile tune apt to appear in either set (including the encore slot on 09/02/23 at Dick’s-- or “DSG” as some affectionately call it-- midway through the longest Phish encore ever), “Evolve” finally etched its place in the rotation amidst the medjik of Summer Tour on 07/12/23 (Tom Marshall’s favorite version, FWIW).  What makes that version from Alabama and every subsequent version so different?  According to Page, the band raised the song a half-step that night, which landed better in his vocal range, and the song itself… evolved.

*Including Norman Fell.

Last significant update: 12/19/23

Albums: Lonely Trip


© Seven Below Inc. (BMI)

I paused a moment once in time
Before the sun began to shine
To weigh the choice I had to make
And therein lies my first mistake

My second came just after that
To keep the solar discus flat
And make the planets scurry round
The math required was quite profound

And now it's mountains, streams, and plains
Ten thousand creatures, none the same
A million little things to solve
Or not
I'll let them all evolve

First came the light, then came the sound
Then came the worlds that can never slow down
Then came the people with problems and hope
That don't mean a thing, if they just knew the scope

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