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Flying Blind

Flying Blind has not been seen in 2009 Phish shows.
It has not yet been performed live.
It was played at 0% of live shows.

Music/Lyrics: Anastasio

Original Artist: Trey Anastasio

Original Album: Mercy (2022)

Vocals: Trey

Looks like we don't have a song history for Flying Blind! We apologize for the inconvenience. Please check back soon!

Albums: mercy


© Seven Below Inc. (BMI)

Everything is new now
And everything's the same
Since the luck ran out
And I don't know how we ended up so far from home
So far from home

And I still believe in the miracle of love
But sometimes it feels so cold
You change but you never change
I can see your soul
As the years go by
It�s like we never grow old

So, everything is new now
And everything�s the same
Soul meets soul
We�re two souls turning
Two souls turning

And we try and don�t try
Care and don�t care
Till the next wave crashes
And I meet you in mid-air
Sometimes it hurts but I let it go
We�re flying blind so I�m taking it slow
Cuz everything is now
And everything is you

Love heals
I won�t resist
It�s flowing off your fingertips

And the energy is cycling around and rolling through the air
The doors are open there are no walls
And love is everywhere
Let it come
Let it go now
Let it go
Let it go

Everything is new
Everything is new
Everything is new
Everything is new

We�re flying blind
So, I�m taking it slow
We�re flying blind
We�re flying blind

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