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Home has not been seen in 166 Phish shows.
It was last played: 2019-07-02.
It was played at 0.35% of live shows.
It has been performed live 7 time(s).

Music/Lyrics: McConnell

Vocals: Page (lead), Mike, Trey (backing)

Debut: 2016-10-14

Historian: Dan Purcell (sausagemahoney)

Like a lot of young men, Page McConnell used to hurry a lot, he used to worry a lot, he used to stay out 'till the break of day. But these days, daddy don't live in that New York City no more. Now "Home" is where he wants to be; pick him up and turn him round. He feels numb, born with a weak heart; guess he must be having fun.

"Home" is not the first rock song to narrate a midlife crisis and its aftermath, or navigate the realizations about oneself and one's worst tendencies that (hopefully) come with age. But the sentiment is unmistakeable and the outlook, at least on the surface, is all smiles. Page alludes to his days of late nights and parties, hints at self-sabotage and the fallout from failed relationships, and concludes things are much better now. You can't really argue with him.

On Big Boat, Page set this tale of learning and growing to a stately and straightforward midtempo piano-pop groove that's equal parts Richard Manuel, Gary Brooker, and Ben Folds. If you're looking for a moment of regret, a wistful glance backward at all the crazy shit the now-sated narrator used to get away with, you can find it in the slippery modal weirdness of the song's nascent jam segment, which surprisingly jumps the rails of the basic chord progression. Lasting just 30 seconds or so on the studio version, it has potential to do much more in the live setting. Dare we hope that Page has finally crafted his long-awaited second-set centerpiece? Stay tuned.

Albums: Big Boat


© Who Is She? Music, Inc. (BMI)

I'm feeling like I used to belong
Running around this place
My theory was to head home before dawn
Or end up without a space
My future was some merry go round
On horses that learned to fly
My problem was I'd barely slow down
But found myself back at my

Rest assured
And a life

I'd toss away some days at a time
Into the folder now
Ain't feeling it, stop stealing my lines
Over and over now
Out standing with both hands in the night
Looking for local life
Years older I resist and refine
All that I can when I'm

Rest assured
And a life
Wide open door
While I hide by the shore

My feelings are best left to the side
When first I get off the road
I wish I had more time to unwind
But I haven't cracked that code
My history, I tend to revise
With chapters upon the floor
I tell myself I'm part of a tribe
And that I've been here before

Rest assured
And a life
Hide by the shore
While outside of the door

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