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Memories has not been seen in 1118 Phish shows.
It was last played: 1994-07-06.
It was played at 2.09% of live shows.
It has been performed live 42 time(s).

Music: Egbert Van Alstyne

Lyrics: Gus Kahn

Original Artist: Van Alstyne and Kahn

Original Album: Single (c. 1915)

Vocals: Phish

Debut: 1990-11-17

Historian: Ellis Godard

"Memories" was not performed for nearly a year after its debut (from 11/17/90 to 9/26/91), but then became something of a staple, played 38 times in 24 months (though only twice since). 

Most versions have opened a first set, closed a second set, or been part of an encore. Appearances during sets (such as between “Lizards” and “I Walk the Line” on 11/20/92, or “Divided Sky”and “Squirming Coil” on 8/9/93) were nice pauses for the band, but disrupted the flow of sets.

The song has almost always been performed without amplification; the band’s dedication to that format has kept the song out of rotation for over a decade (since 7/6/94), as they are unable to project to a crowd of tens of thousands.


Memories memories dreams of love so true
O'er the sea of memories I'm drifting back to you

Childhood days wildwood days among the birds and me
You left me alone but still you're my own
In my beautiful memories

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