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My Problem Right There

My Problem Right There has not been seen in 438 Phish shows.
It was last played: 2010-10-22.
It was played at 0.15% of live shows.
It has been performed live 3 time(s).

Music/Lyrics: Trey Anastasio, Amanda Green

Vocals: Trey

Debut: 2010-10-10

Historian: Eric Wyman (PYITE)

“My Problem Right There” was one of three collaborations between Trey and Amanda Green introduced to Phish’s repertoire in 2010 (see “Burn That Bridge” and “Summer of ‘89”). The song is another from the stage adaptation of Hands on a Hard Body for which Trey and Green wrote the music and lyrics.

Hands on a Hard Body is about two dozen people who have to endure standing with one hand on a brand new truck the longest, winner takes the truck as a prize. The song’s inspiration is one of those contestants, Ronald McCowan. Ronald is a self-professed “country boy” brimming with the confidence that he can outlast everyone and bring home the truck. Relying on a diet of oranges and Snickers bars, he is one of the most magnetic personalities in the contest. In one of his pre-interviews he tells the story of how he knows he won’t be able to sleep the night before the contest. “My mind’s gonna be focused on that truck... I’m gonna tell my mind, step back now. Go to sleep. I don’t know how in the world I’m gonna go to sleep that night, because that’s gonna be my problem right there.”

Initial versions exemplify the band working on fine tuning a song’s arrangement and timing on stage. In the 10/10/10 debut version Mike added a brief interlude with the sound of snoring after the “In the shade of the heat, I can nap anywhere“ lyric. This was never repeated and by the third performance Trey had significantly improved upon the delivery of the lyrics and the flow between the start and stop melody.

The song itself is smacks of influence from Little Feat, which should come as no surprise as its development coincided with rehearsals for Phish's performance of Waiting for Columbus in Atlantic City on 10/31/10

Watch My Problem Right There on YouTube ”My Problem Right There” – 10/22/10, Providence, RI


(Anastasio, Green)
© Seven Below, Inc. (BMI), Green Piece Music (BMI)

Didn’t get no sleep last night
I was thinking about today
Try to keep things simple
But my brain gets in the way

I said you need to rest now
But my big head don’t care
Now I can see
That that’s gonna be
My problem right there

My problem right there
My problem right there
My powerful mind
is my problem right there

I got no other problems
Of which I’m aware
I’m just too damn smart
That’s my problem right there

Now Peaches from Tulsa
Is calling again
I remember the time
I went home with her friend

Now they both say they’re coming
To be my side
Ain’t no room in this truck
To take three for a ride

My problem right there
My problem right there
These women round here
Are my problem right there

And I could handle them all
But they don’t like to share
I got too much love
That’s my problem right there

Now I could stay up all night
No problem, ok
But I’m often inclined
To sleep through the day

In the shade of the heat
I can nap anywhere
And that’s gonna be
My problem right there

My problem right there
My problem right there
Brains, women and sleep
Are my problem right there

Now look what this cap
Has now done to my hair
(Looks like you got)
(One more problem right there)

Now I drank the last pull
From my best corn liquor
Got nothing to eat
But this half melted Snickers

And the bills they just keep
coming quicker and quicker
And that ‘ol bill collector
He gets slicker and slicker

And Mr Policeman
Is looking for me
And I got this strange rash
Ain’t no sting from a bee

But I got no other problems
Of which I’m aware
Except I’ve lost everything
And I don’t really care

My problem right there
My problem right there
These problems right here
Are my problem right there

And they’ll probably keep coming
‘Til I stop breathing air
Then that’s gonna be
My biggest problem right there

Problem right there
My problem right there
(My problem right there) x3

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